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Founded in 2016 by Sonal Holland MW, the SoHo Wine Consultants offers a 360-degree suite of strategic consultancy services to the hospitality, alcobev industry and international brands seeking a foothold in India’s complex marketplace. Our unique combination of expertise, thought-leadership, strong industry connections and effective digital outreach have established us as a sough-after consultant and collaborator in the beverage space.

Often cited as an important emerging market for wine, India’s immense and evolving consumer population presents a number of opportunities. However, these opportunities can be shrouded by lack of accurate data and definitive advice on how to navigate the landscape. The Indian market can be complex and daunting to the uninitiated and notoriously rigid to maneuver for those who are already here but are struggling to make their presence felt.

To address this industry need, we have produced a comprehensive whitepaper, India Wine Insider, the country’s most comprehensive report which speaks directly to the most fundamental and strategic information needed for international companies to establish a strong foothold in the Indian marketplace.

India Wine Insider is a research-backed white paper which throws light on the complex trade and cultural understanding of the Indian wine market. It is a thorough end-to-end guide on how to enter India’s market place, understand the regulatory framework, take control of the pricing structures, gain insights about the Indian wine consumer’s attitudes and behaviours and adopt effective strategies to build a brand presence in India.

India Wine Insider guide contains authoritative case studies from brands that succeeded in India; interviews with seniors from the Indian excise, customs and labeling departments; and findings from our consumer studies done in collaboration with UK-based Wine Intelligence.

The India Wine Insider is specifically designed to help trade & investment commissions of wine countries, regional wine associations, wine groups & conglomerates, and individual wineries, both in India and overseas.

India Wine Insider white paper consists vital information on:

  • Structure of wine imports in India
  • Key Consumption Markets in India
  • Import trade and regulations
  • Cost cards – how wines prices are determined by Indian importers
  • Indian wine trade and its important stakeholders
  • Consumer insights – key findings and trends from our extensive consumer studies in collaboration with UK-based Wine Intelligence
  • Wine Marketing and Brand-building in India
  • Trade Directory – importers, retailers, hotels, etc

The India Wine Insider Report is now available for purchase

INR 75000 / USD 1250 / Euros 1100 per copy
To enquire write to us at

India Market Wine Consultancy Program

The objective of this program is to hand-hold international companies build awareness, promote their brands already represented in India and/or create solid business opportunities for new brands seeking representation in the Indian wine market.

If you are seeking a partner who can help communicate your brand values through engaging story-telling and help you establish the right connections with importers, influencers, media and/or consumers, you have landed the right page.

As expert wine professionals, we are best suited to partner with you.

The Indian wine market is nascent and can be daunting if explored without the right support. The working environment, behaviour and culture in India are very different, also varied across different cities. SoHo Wine Consultants as expert consulting partners, have rich business experience from leading several initiatives ranging from education, consultancy, consumer research, events, awards/ competitions, retailing, imports and media broadcasting in India; all of which will assist in designing a well-rounded, comprehensive solution to address your business needs.

Sonal Holland MW will provide complete guidance on the journey to have a strong foothold in India, enabling a detailed understanding of everything from the complex trade regulations to decoding Indian consumer psyche. The consultancy program will be custom-made on the basis of your business requirements and will be delivered through online meetings.

To consult with us for India market entry or how to grow your brand presence in India, write to us at

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