The India Wine Insider (IWI) is the most ambitious and comprehensive survey on the urban Indian wine consumer, an initiative spearheaded by the Sonal Holland MW in 2017.

India Wine Insider 2017

In 2017, Sonal Holland MW pioneered the first comprehensive survey of Indian wine consumers as part of her MW thesis. The study surveyed 878 urban wine consumers across five major consumption centres of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Goa. This ground-breaking research report, titled ‘India Wine Insider’, revealed first-hand consumer outlook on the awareness, attitudes and of usage of wine; an initiative lauded and very well received by the wine industry in India.

The research-backed knowledge paper gives an invaluable glimpse into the psyche of the domestic wine drinker, guiding wine producers, importers, exporters and various industry stakeholders, who want to capture a slice of the region’s double-digit growth, to make informed decisions.

As one of the more important emerging wine markets, a thorough understanding of Indian consumer behaviour, attitudes and their relationship with wine is both timely and relevant. As the Indian wine industry gains momentum and wine is desired by a wider spectrum of Indian consumers, there is a need to improve our understanding of the final consumer.



For the second edition of India Wine Insider 2018, Sonal has partnered with Wine Intelligence, leaders in consumer research across 33 key wine consumption markets. The idea is to combine Wine Intelligence’s long-standing reputation of providing consumer insights to the global wine industry through its omnibus surveys, with Sonal Holland MW’s authoritative wealth of knowledge and expertise of the Indian market, will together create an India report that is a definitive picture of how wine works in this large, exciting and complex market.

For 2018, a more comprehensive in-depth analysis of the Indian wine consumer is envisioned; one which closely examines the expanding consumer landscape, backed by statistical quantitative and in-depth qualitative research.


“India Wine insider is a pioneering effort that anticipates the global industry need to understand the Indian wine consumer better. It enables wine companies, both within India and globally, to adopt effective marketing strategies for the Indian market. The report gives an invaluable glimpse into the Indian wine consumer landscape and guides various industry stakeholders who want to capture a slice of the region’s double-digit growth through research-backed knowledge, an invaluable opportunity to make informed decisions about the business of wine in India.”

Sonal Holland MW

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